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The picturesque Dalmatian village is located in the heart of the Šibenik-Knin county where the fishing and olive industry are still two of the main industry branches for the locals.


Tribunj is divided into urban, mainland part and the peninsular historical core. Authentic compact houses and narrow streets charm you while you enjoy the beautiful view of the two islands Lukovnjak and Logorun.


The hinterland with its cycling paths and trails cutting across typical Dalmatian olive groves and vineyards is crowned by the panoramic sites on the Križine hill.

Vacation Rental Croatia Tribunj Beach



Tribunj has two local beaches and a third one located in the nearby village Sovlje. 


The longest beach is Bristak, about 800 m to the east. This shallow pebble beach is very easy accessible with children. You will find some restaurants and bars. 


About 250 m to the west you can find the Zamalin beach.

A beach surrounded by pine trees, with concrete levels and ladders for easy acces into the turquoise water.


Wild and picturesque inlets lead you from Zamalin to the Sovlje beach located in the village Sovlje. This is a natural and sheltered lagoon.


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